Move into markets that aren’t covered by the standard data with SPI’s market intelligence dashboard. Unlock your competitive landscape, powered by machine learning and natural language processing.


How can you get valid market insights not covered by standard wholesaler data? Operating in an uncharted market, such as the Botox and filler markets or follow-up care, can be a challenge. Swedish Pharma Insights can help. Our model is designed to collect and combine unstructured and structured data to shine a light on the market potential for your products.


Looking for information about a particular market that wholesale data can’t show you? Implement our Business Index, based on cutting edge technology, to search for and analyze information to gather information which will provide you with valuable insights into your market in Sweden in an easy-to-digest dashboard.



SPI’s Business Index model uses machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to create learning algorithms that become more and more sophisticated as it operates. We work with you to scope the market and ensure best possible conditions for information collection, continuously adjust the model, and visualize data for an easy overview of your market and market potential.

“Creating a universe around your specific product can be a challenge, especially if you’re moving into unknown territory. Breakthroughs in machine learning technology can really help you when you are gathering intelligence into your market.”

Christian Arnt Jønbech
Managing Director, Swedish Pharma Insights

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