Launch Strategy

Market entry preparation is critical to the success of a product launch. Get the inside track to capitalize on opportunities and build a winning case.

Look Before You Launch

Only the prepared will succeed in the Swedish pharma market. In this highly regulated and tax paid on/off market, there’s no other option than to do things the right way. That’s why SPI exist: to provide actionable insights that help you win business.


Sell In /
Sell Out Data

High quality, easy to use sales data covering the Nordics


Talk to the right stakeholders in your therapeutic area


Patient analysis combined with sales data for a specific therapeutic area or diagnosis

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    Market Intelligence

    Plan and monitor your sales and marketing efforts in Sweden with smart tools and in-depth data that are fine-tuned to give you a strategic advantage.

    Deep Market Insights

    In the life sciences, decisions matter. Make the right ones, armed with all the best data-enriched insights. SPI’s Deep Market Insights helps to drive better decision making in Swedish pharma.

    Real World Evidence

    Get actionable insights based on the treatment reality for Swedish patients. SPI accesses, analyzes and interprets registry data in observational studies to help document your treatment impact.