SPI Swedish Pharma Insights provides pharmaceutical sales data and consultancy services with a focus on commercial business optimization. With clear market data, essential insights and a trust-based counselling partnership — we give you the inside track to the Swedish market.

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Läs om det datadrivna projektet Waste Water som ger möjligheten att följa och prediktera läkemedelskoncentrationerna i avloppsvattnet i hela Sverige!

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There’s nothing like the Nordic model. And there’s no pharma market like the Swedish. Work with partners who have detailed market intelligence in both. SPI delivers insight and guidance for strategic decision-making in the Life Sciences, empowering you to take the inside track.

Forward Thinkers Review 2022

How to succeed in the Nordic Pharma Markets

In the report, Forward Thinkers Review, top experts and key opinion leaders from the Nordic pharma industry share insights into how savvy life science businesses can ensure strong, continuous growth over the next 3-5 years.

Good to know

Access to the whole Nordic region via collaborative data exchange

Our team of market researchers dig deep to help you uncover the market dynamics behind the sales numbers

With strong Real World Data competences we can help you document the impact of your medical treatment

Experienced Market Access partner – from approval to implementation – to ensure your product reaches the patients

Extensive datasets with daily updates for 60,000 product lines

Renowned for being one of the most reliable pharma product statistics in the world with 20+ data sources

Strong network with regulators and wholesalers

Close industry collaboration across the Nordics


    Are you ready to take the inside tracK?

    We help pharma companies in Sweden realize their potential, ultimately for the benefit of patients and society.

    Let’s get down to business

    Market Intelligence

    Plan and monitor your sales and marketing efforts in Sweden with smart tools and in-depth data that are fine-tuned to give you a strategic advantage.

    Launch Strategy

    Market entry preparation is critical to the success of a product launch. Get the inside track to capitalize on opportunities and build a winning case.

    Deep Market Insights

    In the life sciences, decisions matter. Make the right ones, armed with all the best data-enriched insights. SPI’s Deep Market Insights helps to drive better decision making in Swedish pharma.

    Real World Data

    Get actionable insights based on the treatment reality for Swedish patients. SPI accesses, analyzes and interprets registry data in observational studies to help document your treatment impact.

    “When you are operating in the Swedish pharma market, it is essential you understand the bigger picture. At SPI, our consultants are ready to guide you with sector-specific insights to ensure your organization’s success.”

    Christian Arnt Jønbech
    Managing Director, Swedish Pharma Insights

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