Predict pharma price changes and act accordingly with our Price Prediction module. SPI enables you to predict, compare and decide from a data-enriched point of view on pricing with smart, data-led decision making.


Set your price according to market trends and stay ahead of the pack. Available for the Swedish market, our Pricing Tool processes sales data and competitors’ pricing, enabling an even more strategic analysis of “Product of the month”.


Great decisions start with great data, and that’s where our Pricing Tool comes in. Give your pricing strategy for the Swedish market the best possible starting point. With Pricing Tool, you get a full overview of all the relevant data, saving you valuable time and arming you with the knowledge to succeed.

“In the fast-moving pharma sector, having the clearest, most up-to-date picture on sales trends is absolutely vital. When I talk to our clients, they say our Pricing Tool makes a huge difference for their business.”

Christian Arnt Jønbech
Managing Director, Swedish Pharma Insights

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